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What's Included: 

30 Original Haikus printed on card stock

**This is Edition One-- stay tuned for other editions to keep those Haikus in the kiddo's lunchbox year round!**

Let's face it, packing lunch can be a pesky morning task when parents are faced with a million other morning to-dos. That's how Lunchbox Haikus were born.

My daughter was about to start second grade and I knew I needed something to help me look forward to lunch-making. What I didn't know, was how much she would end up looking forward to these little afternoon pick-me-ups.

Lunchbox Haikus are meant to inspire KINDNESS, CONFIDENCE AND LAUGHTER.

Encourage your little one to write their own Haiku on the back of the one in their lunch and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #LunchBoxHaiku. Ya never know when I just might feature your little one's creativity ;)